About Nakatsu-houki


Our Japanese broom has improved from Meiji era. (Meiji era1868年 – 1912) The material, broomcorn is made by consistent ourselves from our organic farm. An artisan product can make tender and durable brooms. We don`t cut a top of tips almost, and arrange very carefully and nit. So tender, don`t hurt a floor, reach the corner, and durable, long life broom can finished.

how to care
Please hang on the wall or hook. The tip of an ear is very tender, so it would be tend to twist. Don`t lean the broom against a wall. Direct sunlight may change the color. However, there is no problem to the quality. In the shade and airy place is the best.

•If stained
A broom is cleaning tools, So sometimes became dirty. Then you can rinse the broom in cold or lukewarm water. However, this is natural goods, so get wetting long time would be a cause of a mold and bad condition. After washing, shake water off from broom and dry at an airy place. We do not recommend detergent.

•If get curled
If you taking good care of brooms, top of tips may get curl gradually. The curl would be fixed naturally at hook. Or pinch and bend with finger. Big curl should wet and put between newspaper with weight and dry.

・Nevertheless, damaged 
Top of tips can cut little by little. Gradually, it would be hard, get near to root. So using place was gradually changed a living room to an outdoor once.